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Latest news from Aubrey Allen

A hot dog for fine dining!


Aubrey Allen is celebrating Bonfire Week and the start of British Sausage Week (3 – 9 November 2014) with the launch of its new gold award winning Hot Dog.

In conjunction with Peach Pubs we created a speciality Hot Dog for pubs, restaurants and our shop customers, which has been declared one of the best new bangers in the industry’s BPX Foodservice Sausage of the Year Awards.

The secret recipe includes a range of speciality ingredients with maple cured gammon, maple syrup chipotle chilli with smoked paprika and fennel.

As Lucianne Allen from Aubrey Allen explained: “We just couldn’t resist proving that creating a high quality hot dog would show diners that this classic fast food could also be a fine one. Sausages are definitely going to be high on the menu this week and for many months to come.”

The ‘sausage-focused’ week also sees Aubrey Allen showcasing its family favourite pork sausage in both thick and thin varieties, the award winning Warwickshire Whizzer – a spicy blend of pork, chilli, mustard seeds and paprika, together with its Cotswold Pork Sausages made with sage and black pepper.

Another award winning sausage is our speciality breakfast banger, the ‘Bacon, Brown Sauce and Black Pudding’ Sausage, which is becoming increasingly popular.

And with both Halloween and Bonfire Night not complete without a banger in sight, a sizzling feast is on the menu for all tastes and cultures during British Sausage Week.

Such is the demand for our speciality sausages that we sold over 9.5 tonnes in November last year alone! Annually we make around 55 tonnes of sausages, which if strung together would stretch a distance from Leamington Spa to London!