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Transforming the apprenticeship training system for butchers in the UK.

Aubrey Allen has played a key role in pioneering the apprenticeship standard for the butchery industry. Our apprenticeship standard replaces old frameworks as part of the Government's employer driven Trailblazer Strategy. Since 2010 there have been 1.8 million apprenticeship starts and the Butchery Trailblazer is leading by example in the development and delivery of high quality apprenticeships that give apprentices the skills, knowledge and behaviours we require and the opportunity to develop successful careers. The new standard has maintained the heritage and history of the art of butchery whilst delivering a modern day apprenticeship. It gives the opportunity to develop excellence for the future sustainability and growth of the meat industry.

  • If you are interested in our Apprenticeship opportunities, download an application form HERE.
  • Please promote our Apprenticeship scheme. Download a display poster HERE.

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We are required by law to ensure that all employees are entitled to work in the UK. Assumptions about immigration status should not be made based on appearance or apparent nationality. All prospective employees, regardless of nationality, must be able to produce original documents (such as a passport) before employment starts, to satisfy current immigration legislation. The list of acceptable documents is available from the UK Border Agency.

To ensure that this policy is operating effectively, and to identify groups that may be underrepresented or disadvantaged in our organisation, we monitor applicants' ethnic group, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion and age as part of the recruitment procedure. Provision of this information is voluntary and it will not adversely affect an individual's chances of recruitment or any other decision related to their employment. The information is removed from applications before shortlisting, and kept in an anonymised format solely for the purposes stated in this policy. Analysing this data helps us take appropriate steps to avoid discrimination and improve equality and diversity.