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Aubrey Allen's Apprentice Scheme Wins Industry Award

Aubrey Allen's Apprentice Scheme Wins Industry AwardWe have been rewarded for establishing and investing in our own company training scheme for apprentices and staff.

The new staff development programme was set up last year to overcome a major skills shortages in the meat industry and to rapidly expand our workforce to service major growth plans.

Twelve months later and we have had this staff development programme recognised by the meat industry by winning the Institute of Meat and Meat Training Council’s Best Company Training Scheme Award.

The award is particularly timely with the start of National Apprenticeship Week from 3 – 7 March, which is focused on raising the profile amongst employers, individuals, teachers, parents and the media.

Operations Director, Alan Healy who collected the award at The Butcher’s Hall in London this week said: “The real winners are our first wave of 25 staff and apprentices who are nearing the completion of their programmes and have achieved recognised Meat & Poultry FDQ qualifications.

“Apprenticeships are a great way of attracting talent for the future and the new training programme was precisely tailored to meet our needs and developed by our senior managers, together with assessors and tutors from Crosby Management Training Limited (CMT) in conjunction with Dudley College.

“We also played a key role in the delivery of the Occupation Knowledge and Underpinning Knowledge units which were delivered in an off the job classroom environment at our headquarters premises in Coventry”, he added.

Bill Jermey of CMT said “It is always difficult to explain why one company has won over another – but every company has a different approach to training, and some are better at putting their case than others. The judges like to look beyond the nomination to what they know from personal experience, and how committed the senior management are to “training” rather than just the HR department. Aubrey Allen has always shown a commitment to improving the skills of your employees and I certainly have seen that over many years. Recently the commitment to helping to enhance the role of apprentices is also a factor”.

We have also extended the training programmes to our night shift workers, many of whom are of Eastern European origin with little or no English qualification, despite having excellent levels of understanding and speaking English language.

We are looking to further capitalise on its success and has recently partnered with Walter Smith Fine Foods, last year’s winner of the Best Company Training Scheme, and we are now bidding for a £1.2m Employer Ownership of Skills bid to deliver a project to over 300 new traineeships or apprenticeships and other business development interventions specifically to food industry SMEs.