Aubrey's Dry-Aged Beef


Aubrey Allen Beef

Key points

  • Aubrey's Dry-Aged Beef is reared in a clean, green way, then dry aged for a minimum of 21 days to mature and intensify the flavour naturally.
  • Aubrey's Dry-Aged Beef is matured in a time honoured way to naturally develop the texture and intensify the flavour.
  • Aubrey's Dry-Aged Beef is naturally reared in an optimum environment by farmers with years of understanding with full traceability from gate to plate.


The Source

We source our beef from North East Scotland, the South West of England and Northern and Southern Ireland areas with vast green clean pastures far from industry with pure spring water where the large herds are reared with expert care from selection in conception through to slaughter.

Our farmers rear only Suckler cattle bred for beef. When they come to us not only do we know where they came from but also exactly how they were reared.

We then use our experience to dry age the beef and use our seam butchery technique to make memorable steaks.

We have been taking our chefs on farm visits to Scotland for over 15 years. Click here to find out about our planned trips and accept an invitation to join us. Imagine then being able to tell your customers you have been to the farms that supply the meat on their plates!

Aubrey’s Dry-Aged Beef - Naturally Produced (AAA)

Three things are essential in the rearing of the best beef; environment, welfare, and using only selected suckler herds. Diet and welfare have the greatest influence on eating quality and that is why Aubrey Allen have chosen over the last twenty years to work with farmers in areas of natural outstanding beauty with clear waters and lush pastures that are far from industry and pollution. We also work only with farmers who share our philosophies on caring for the animals.

Only suckler herds that have been allowed to develop slowly, gently building muscle full of flavour to full maturity with just the perfect amount of internal and external fat, but without the muscles being over sized to avoid wide eyed steaks, are accepted by us. The farms have full traceability so when the short journey to the abattoir is made the traceability passes on all the way down to us. The carcasses are graded on the bone by a government inspector and the Aubrey Allen Assured brand is so tight that only 8 carcasses out of 100 beasts would fit our own standards, hence why we have to work with over 600 farmers to guarantee consistency. These carcasses are transported whole (with the bone) in to Aubrey Allen where the magic of dry ageing happens under the expert eye of our Master Butcher and the concentration of flavours intensifies whilst the tissues are perfectly broken down for taste and texture.

The result of the Aubrey Allen Assurance scheme (which we apply strictly) is not only full traceability and consistency but quite simply the most stunning beef.

Suckler Herds:

Definition of suckler herds: The majority of beef eaten in the UK is dairy beef – that is to say a by-product of the dairy industry where Cows must calf each year to produce milk for human consumption. Suckler herds are specially bred cattle for beef where the herd run together and the young calf suckle from their mothers milk as nature intended.

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