Cooked meats, charcuterie, terrines and patés

Aubrey Allen Terrine

Aubrey Allen Terrine

Key points

  • Imagine a great tasting charcuterie platter for rain or shine.
  • From pâtés to saucisson to something more British, tailor made charcuterie dishes can all be created from our range.
  • The best products from Europe using producers who share our philosophy that good food means a good life.

Aubrey Allen Free-range Hams

Jimmy Butler has produced some wonderful free range hams using his award winning freedom farm accredited pork. Using time honoured natural methods the pork is cured to create great tasting hams that meet our high assurance standards.

Sandridge Farm hams

The Brumham – starts its long maturation as a dry cured ham and then goes into a darker mood with molasses and juniper to finally emerge about eight months later with a coal black rind hiding its ruby red centre.

The Devyses – with its strong brewing connection, no surprise to find the rich flavour of the hops coming through.

The Trubridge – a drycure, rare nowadays because of the time it takes and the weight losses, similar to York Ham, preferred by those with a delicate palate.

The Chipnam – a traditional ham that has a deep pink colour and is firm when cut.  Its full flavour made it the favourite dish on the farmhouse table at Harvest Suppers.

The Golden Rind – a ham naturally smoked over oak and beech sawdust for 2 to 3 days recreating the essence of Farmhouse Inglenook Smoking.

*Please note advance notice is required for Sandridge Farmhouse Hams

Terrines and pâtés

Our terrines are imported direct from Saint Saviour in the south west of France.

Continental charcuterie

We have travelled round the food markets of Europe to find the very best in European Charcuterie.


Aubrey Allen have imported their products from Fiorucci, one of the highest quality manufacturers of Italian cured meats, for over 18 years. Fiorucci is now the largest producer of hams in Italy and has five factories where the most stringent quality control methods are in operation. This allows Aubrey Allen to select the finest Parma Hams, so time after time there will be consumer satisfaction.


The two main types of Spanish cured hams are Serrano "white hoof" (pata Blanca) - and Iberian "black hoof" (pata negra or iberico). These two types have distinct aroma, flavour and colour. The curing of Serrano Ham entails updating of traditional methods while respecting the natural processes of the past and the absence of additives. For this, only sea salt is used. The duration of the salting period is determined by the weight of each ham.


For a real taste of Normandy, Aubrey Allen get their French charcuterie from third generation meat curers, Roches Blanches. With the renowned seal of approval ‘Label Rouge’ you can rest assured that all of our French cured meats and Saucisson comply with the following clean, green, ethical standards;

  • We only use free range pork in all of our cured meats and salamis.
  • All pigs are free range and grain fed.
  • We use natural sea salt, herbs and spices in the curing process
  • There are no artificial colourings or flavourings in any of our products

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