Aubrey Allen Game Seasons

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Education is just one reason chefs prefer a partnership with Aubrey Allen.

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These days are our way of demonstrating our empathy and commitment to supporting you and your business. If you feel you and your team would benefit from these educational and inspirational events, please email Lisa Rouse for details.

Chefs! These exclusive events are designed ultimately to help you to focus on making your menus more successful and profitable through the efficient and creative use of meat, poultry and game. We’ll give you unprecedented insight into the meat industry and make sure you’re the first to hear how today’s unfashionable cuts will become tomorrow’s ‘menu must haves’.

  • Tour and inspect our premises and processes
  • Understand how cattle are graded in the UK compared to the rest of the World
  • Understand the stringent selection process we have in place at Aubrey Allen
  • Understand what factors affect the flavour of meat
  • We’ll show you how a higher price per kilo works out to be less cost per portion on the plate
  • Take part in our Master butcher cutting demo
  • Touch and feel the future cuts that we know will make your menus more profitable

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Chefs who have previously attended our ‘Menu Inspiration Days’ said;

"Aubrey Allen are dedicated to premium & quality"

"Having just read ‘Eating Animals’, it was very interesting to get an in-depth background behind the supply of meat"

"Fantastic, a real eye opener"

"Transparent and customer friendly service, guaranteed quality"

"Very informative especially the live demonstration which helped me to start thinking about the reasons for cuts and the possibility of creating cuts for dishes instead of dishes for cuts".

So please join us