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Multicultural Bangers for Sausage Week!

27th October 2011

Aubrey Allen is marking British Sausage Week (31 October – 6 November 2011) by celebrating the multicultural mix of Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Our retail butcher’s shop and deli in Leamington Spa is paying tribute to the town’s growing ethnic diversity and its wide spectrum of dietary requirements and culinary preferences with a special range of sizzling sausages from around the World.

Multicultural Bangers for Sausage Week!

Of particular interest are the new Goan Pork and Jerk Pork sausages, which have been created from authentic and traditional recipes originating from Goa and Jamaica, but made from the choicest selection of home reared free range pork, mixed with freshly ground spices.  Both sausages which retail from £6.94/kg have also just won BPEX Gold Awards for their excellence in quality and taste.

The sausage focused week also sees the introduction of a Polish sausage as a tasty alternative, which will complement its popular Pork, Ginger and Spring Onion sausage that reflects a Cantonese flavour.

The range of Aubrey Allen’s traditional sausages also feature strongly on the menu with the family favourite pork sausage in both thick and thin varieties, the award winning Warwickshire Whizzer – a spicy blend of pork, chilli, mustard seeds and paprika, together with its Cotswold Pork Sausages made with sage and black pepper.  In addition Jumbo Pork Sausages and Pigs in Blankets – miniature versions wrapped in bacon are also available.

And with both Halloween and Bonfire Night not complete without a banger in sight, a sizzling feast is in store for all tastes and cultures during British Sausage Week. Such is the demand for Aubrey Allen’s speciality sausages that we currently make nearly 55 tonnes a year, which when strung together would stretch a distance from Leamington Spa to London!

All sausages are available from the Leamington Spa shop or can be ordered online and delivered directly to your doorstep in time for the festivities.