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Aubrey Allen do not have a purchasing policy but rather we have a philosophy to always source the very best ethically cared for meat and that commitment has recently won us a National Meat Buyer of the Year award for 'Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare'. The focus is always on how the meat will taste for your customer and through relationships with our farmers spanning twenty years, we are able to secure the top yield in the country; a factual based statement rather than a good tale.

Aubrey Allen Assured (AAA) criteria are applied at every stage of the chain including how the animals must be treated, prior and post slaughter. 

Aubrey Allen buy the whole carcass. The benefit of that is not only that our Butchers, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge of international cutting techniques, can work with you on bespoke product development but that we can ensure that the carcass is matured whole on the bone in our dry ageing room.

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