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Latest news from Aubrey Allen

Spring (lamb) has sprung!

Perfect portion control every time with real English flavour, our South West lamb not only benefits from the warmer, gentler climate of Devon and Cornwall, but the granite herb infused pastures help the lambs grow with the right balance of meat and fat with a wonderful sweet flavour. As lambs have a tendency to fatten up this terrain is rugged and craggy, making the lambs exercise their muscles.

How can we guarantee consistency? Accredited by EBLEX assuring gate to plate traceability, we purchase whole lambs to one specific grade with only one focus – how it will taste on the plate and delight your clients.

We are proud that our butchers successfully represented the UK at Sirha in Lyon but what does it mean to you? It means that you can have versatile cuts to give you inspiration so that you can create dishes that keep everyone happy!

Speak to the team now on 02476 422222 or click here to see photos of our lamb products.

If you would like details on our lamb trip to Cornwall in June, then please email Places are limited.

For more on our Spring lamb, click here.