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Top marks for restaurant quality food to cook at home

Top marks for restaurant quality food to cook at home

An appetite for high quality meat products for special occasions, fuelled by entertaining trends and the growing dine-in culture at home for restaurant style food, has provided a recipe for success for us.

We're celebrating our biggest haul of seven gold and three silver awards across our divisions for a range of speciality meat products, having gained top marks in the meat industry’s Smithfield Product Evaluation for 2012.

The chef inspired products to cook at home included a corn fed duck with game medley and a butterflied leg of lamb, which both won gold awards. Developed by Martin Crombie and Simon Kelly at Aubrey Allen’s butcher and delicatessen shop in Leamington Spa, they have combined their butchery and chef skills to create restaurant quality food using imagination and flair.

As Martin Crombie explained: “The speciality duck dish is boned and captured around layers of pigeon, pheasant and partridge with a red wine and redcurrant stuffing and wrapped with smoked pancetta. Equally easy to cook and carve is the butterflied leg of lamb, which is marinated in garlic and herbs. Both the raw products complete with cooking instructions, provide home chefs with delicious and easy to prepare dinner party or special occasion food that creates an impression with impact.

"Winning gold is what we all aspire to, but we were particularly pleased to receive a perfect 100% top mark score for both these products and for our Dry Cured Gammon”, he added.

The range of ready cooked meals were also well received and our catering team in Warwick won gold awards for its 'Slow Cooked Ribs of Beef' and 'Venison, Smoked Garlic and Damson Pie'. In addition our handmade sausages featured strongly with the Old Traditional Port and Beef Sausage winning a silver award.

Managing Director, Russell Allen said: “We are delighted to have been recognised by the industry for our high quality meat products across all aspects of the family business.

"Since being established in 1933 we have continued to strive for quality in everything we do, providing the best of the best cuts of meat at all times to create innovative raw and cooked products. Winning 10 coveted awards, judged by our industry’s top specialists is extremely rewarding and reflects everyone’s hard work and dedication to the quality mark and reputation of the Aubrey Allen brand."

Smithfield Product Evaluation Gold Awards
Cornfed Duck and Game Medley
Slow Cooked Ribs of Beef
Butterflied Leg of Lamb
Venison, Smoked Garlic and Damson Pie
Dry cured smoked back bacon
Dry Cured Gammon
Dry Cured Back Bacon

Smithfield Product Evaluation Silver Awards
Lamb Paupiette
Free Range Pork Stack
Old Traditional Pork and Beef Sausage