Aubrey Allen Training Academy is distinctly a cut above the rest


Aubrey Allen family business in Coventry, have put four of their senior butchers through the Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme for advanced butchery, with them all achieving distinction in practical butchery.

Aubrey Allen, who started in Coventry in 1933, have invested heavily in training over the last 5 years and that investment has paid off. They have a thriving Apprenticeship Programme in all areas of the business from finance, to sales and purchasing and of course butchery. However, this time it is the most experienced butchers they have focused on giving them an opportunity to put a top qualification to their skill and experience.

Working together with Crosby Management Training the Advanced butchers spent 2 years studying the science behind their craft and husbandry of the animal.

Lucianne Allen, Sales and Marketing Director and former Chair of the Trailblazers Apprenticeships for the industry said “It is great that they wanted to do this. It is too easy to say I am at the top of my game and stop learning. We are so proud of their attitude and achievement.

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