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Free Range for more gains

Free Range For More Gains   Hands up all of you who only ever purchase free range eggs? Would you even dare to go up to the farm shop till or supermarket checkout with anything other than free range, for fear of being labelled as someone who does not care about the plight of the […]

The mythical English bacon sandwich

The English Bacon Sandwich is almost as rarely glimpsed as a dodo riding a unicorn on a visit to see the Lochness monster. Bacon, the iconic landmark on an English breakfast. A celebration in a patriotic proud manner of all that England stands for. Implied, is that we can achieve anything, face the challenges of […]

Science fiction becomes science

It’s the Year 2084; Science fiction becomes science. 2 July 2084 A family drive in their electric car, down the old Banbury road that weaves mysteriously between acres and acres of hydroponic laboratory facilities, the solar panel roofs glistening in the sunlight as the masses of greenhouses provide an obscure and obscured view. Children jostling […]

Why we don’t surrender to tender

That just about sums up how I feel about tenders. The excitement mounts as the deliciously attractive headline figures reach your inbox promising a wonderful partnership with a multi-site national brand looking for someone who understands provenance and consistency. It sounds good doesn’t it? The buzz around a sales office as figures are banded about. […]

Bullshit of Breeds

The average size of a single breed herd in England is 28-50 and yet to provide just 8 fillets per week from one farm to a restaurant requires one farm to have 600 cattle. Curious? Read on… There is more Aberdeen Angus beef sold in this country than is ever produced. Belted Galloway graces more […]


Menu Inspiration by Lucianne Allen

Today I pretended I was a chef… and for those of you who know me will understand what a huge leap of the imagination this is or as my 12 year old would say, more like dystopian fiction or perhaps horror… Don’t panic Clive Dixon, Luke tipping, I didn’t pick up a cook book or […]

Aubrey Allen’s brings the Big Apprentice Day back for 2019!

Butchers continue to help shape a sustainable future for the industry!   For the second time, Aubrey Allen has held their unique event at their Academy to bring apprentices from the farming, butchery and catering community together in a fitting end to National Apprentice Week 2019. Aubrey Allen, award winning National Butcher based in Coventry worked […]

56 shades of beef

Would you ever pick up the phone to a wine merchant and ask “how much please for a bottle of wine” ? I doubt it . You may call and enquire about the Chateau LaFite Rothschild if budget permits or you may have to settle for the Gallo Family vineyards. Would you expect those 2 […]

Aubrey’s 8 times a champion

Aubrey Allen butchers in Warwickshire are celebrating as they have won the Chef’s favourite Butcher for the 8th time. The Restaurant Magazine which represents news stories for food service, runs a competition annually where chefs can vote for their favourite products, suppliers, and brands in the hospitality sector. Thousands of chefs voted for the awards […]